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Type SDF400test multipurpose dispersion machine

Type SDF400test multipurpose dispersion machine
Product name:Type SDF400test multipurpose dispersion machine

Type SDF400test multipurpose dispersion machine

One, overview:

Type SDF400test dispersion machine is the use of foreign new technology design a new type of product, the product concentration of mixing, dispersion, grinding a variety of equipment functions in one, is the ideal laboratory equipment laboratory personnel.

The equipment adopts electronic constant speed control circuit, digital display the rotation speed, and with a dispersion impeller and the grinding blade disc. Can adapt to different laboratory test need, and according to the display of spindle speed direct calculation of mixing, dispersion, grinding blade line speed and material viscosity and chemical reaction rate between the relations, for mass production to provide the correct data.

In two, the main technical parameters:

In 1, motor type:400-80 /200 400W220V100-8000r / min

2, speed range speed stepless constant:100-8000R / min

In 3, stirring impeller diameter diameter of 60mm:50mm diameter

4, sand grinding diameter diameter of 60mm:45mm diameter

In 5, the lifting stroke:250mm

6, size:450x 500 x800mm ( length * width * height )

Three, structure:

In 1, the machine adopts double shaft lifting system, lifting convenient.

In 2, the series excitation commutator motor, through the intelligent motor controller, the motor adopts stepless speed regulation. Application of digital PID technology, high control precision, digital display the speed of the rotating shaft.

3, dispersion impeller and sanding leaf disc and shaft directly connected with thread.

The holder of the barrel is fixed, the barrel adopts a clamping sleeve type structure, can pass through the cooling water, using stainless steel materials and processing.


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