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GR2 series of high speed shearing emulsifying machine

GR2 series of high speed shearing emulsifying machine
Product name:GR2 series of high speed shearing emulsifying machine
Price:GR2 series of high speed shearing emulsifying mach

GR2High speed emulsifying
, outline

High speed emulsifying machine full of high shear dispersion emulsifying machine. It is a new type of high efficient mixing and dispersing equipment. It can be on two or more liquid and powder mixing, dissolving, finish, dispersion and emulsification function. This machine can be widely used in coatings, inks, dyes, food and other industries. In the latex industry, can replace the sand mill direct production of high quality products.

In the dispersed shaft is provided with unique design of" shearing emulsifying machine". The head is mainly composed of a stator and within the groove impeller ( rotor ). Dispersion shaft drives the impellers rotate at a high speed, the blade cavity to form negative pressure and material from the stator under two two side suction were mixed, the material by the strong centrifugal force along the radial direction of the impeller, stator slot jet out from around ( complete cut, dispersed function ). After mixing the material through the stator slot opening moments, will be" blade" ( high-speed rotating impeller slot edge ) at the same time by shear, centrifugal pressure, impact, friction forces action being fully dispersed. Emulsifying machine this mid upper and lower feed, peripheral discharge centrifugal pump type circulation, eventually make full bucket material mixing, dispersing, emulsifying process completed, so as to get high quality products.


1), production efficiency, product quality is higher than the high speed mixer.

2), can be used instead of ordinary sand mill direct product.

3), no sand mill grinding balls beads slag" pollution" material, material of high purity.

In 2, the main technical parameters

The high shear dispersion emulsifying machine

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